Welcome to FourLeggedTales.

Come in, sniff around, make it your own and share the love! We at FourLeggedTribe are working diligently on a new system that will get your furry kids back to you quickly.. should they ever go missing... especially if they're out there in the world with no tag, chip or widget! We'll be inviting people to our Beta test soon. FourLeggedTribe: No chip? No tag? No problem.

We have the answer to 3 little questions.

If your dog has gone walkabout with no tag, collar or chip, how would someone CONNECT HIM BACK TO YOU?
You've found a stray dog. When there's no tag or chip, how do YOU get him home... WITHOUT involving a shelter?
When your dog gets away from your pet-sitter, how does someone connect him to her when you're UNREACHABLE?
We are committed to creating a safer world for pets... And part of that is to fix all the disconnects in lost-pet recovery. One in three pets will go missing at some point in their life and if their tag is out of date or their chip is not registered correctly, most will end up at a shelter. Unfortunately, shelters don't share information so a pet owner has to physically check each one in turn. Shelters will only keep a stray for three to five days before either euthanizing them or starting the process of adoption. If accurate information was readily available to all concerned, the pet-recovery process would be more efficient and many lives would be saved. As it stands, only about 25% of stray dogs and 3% of stray cats return to their original home. If you'd like to follow us on Facebook, follow the link. We'll be giving periodic updates as we progress.